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Chingford Cricket Club is one of only a small handful of Cricket Clubs to have had two books written about its history.
To produce a Club History involves extensive research of local newspaper and council archives, committee minutes, scorecards and the memories and scrapbooks of Club members to name just a few of the sources of information. To start such a project from scratch is likely to take around three years' work to complete for a Club the size and age of Chingford Cricket Club.
 We are proud to have preserved our past and the many achievements of our members in two wonderful publications for future generations to enjoy.

Chingford Cricket Club Centenary 1884 - 1984
 by Michael Blake

Acknowledgements go to the editorial team of Michael Higgs and Buddy Jessop plus Peter Coyte for the printing

This 128 Page extravaganza was produced to mark the Club's Centenary in 1984.

Includes articles by:
Paul Cross
Ken Dowding
Michael Higgs
Robin Hobbs
Doug Insole
Ron Lynch
Syd Spicer
Bunny Swinfen
Malcolm Swinfen

A few copies remain and it may be possible to supply one for a purchaser offering a substantial donation to Club funds.

125 Not Out: Chingford Cricket Club 1884-2009
 by Michael Blake

Acknowledgements go to Roy Williams for editing and Millnet (Northern) Ltd for printing

This book was launched by Doug Insole at an event at the Chingford Clubhouse in June 2009.

The Club history was completely rewritten following extensive re-research and the findings were significant (including the fact that the Club in its present form was actually founded in 1903 - although a different Chingford Cricket Club existed in the 1880s !).

The result was this 200 page book, full of facts and figures telling the Chingford Cricket Club story from the formative meetings on the train to London to the present day and reveals all about our beautiful Forest Side ground, or "The Pelham" as it was originally fondly known and our previous homes.

Includes new articles by:
Doug Insole
Andrew Lewis
Lionel King
Jeff Runciman
Plus all the original articles from the 1984 book

Copies are still available and can be obtained for the special on-line discounted rate of £8.50 including postage and packing

Enquiries regarding purchasing of Club Books should be directed to Michael Blake via the Contact Tab on the Toolbar above this article