Dan Carver

Dan (right) was interviewed in February 2005. 

When did you first play for Chingford?

May 2001

What is your earliest memory of playing for Chingford?

Opening the batting with a very young Ben McGregor on a dangerous track - he got fifty odd, I got 4!!

What made you take up cricket in the first place?

I was influenced by my father - I’ve been playing since the age of eight!

Which cricketer was your childhood hero?

Botham and Gower - am I allowed two??

Have you ever played against a famous cricketer?

JK Lever, Ashley Cowan (schools cricket) and Fat Gat!

Have you ever got any fellow Chingford player out in a match?

Steve Thorne and Nasser Rashid last month (on the second bounce!!)

What would you consider to be your best stroke?

I love playing the off-drive, but I would say the big hit over mid-wicket probably gets me the most runs!!

What is the most embarrassing cricket incident that has happened to you? 

Being out first ball of the game was pretty embarrassing - losing my trousers during a sliding stop!!

What was your best ever batting performance?

122 last year against Kenton B’s as it was my first hundred, although I once got 94 not out batting at no. 6 in a tour game, where I didn’t play a single false shot – one of those games where everything clicks

What was your best ever bowling performance?

5-30 odd from 19 overs, including a hat-trick – again schools cricket

Who is the Chingford cricketer you most admire or respect?

I enjoy watching Shaun McMurray, Jimmy Hill and Richard Alston bat (although it can be a little dangerous in the nets) – it’s always great watching some of the younger players develop as well. There are lots of players here I respect for many different reasons.

If you were forced to leave Chingford CC and join another club, is there any club you would not play for?


What is your batting average on pitch No.3 at the Met Police?

Not as high as yours I imagine [Ed. Whose Is?] and there isn’t a train track running around it!! [Ed. Ah yes, the tiny pitch No. 1 - you've scored a few there though]

What is best, 50 runs or 5 wickets?

Runs definitely

Which would you prefer, England winning the Ashes this Summer or the next Soccer World Cup?

England winning the Ashes!

What awards or trophies have you won playing cricket?

Young player award at a previous club and best bowing – at the same club

What has been your most serious cricketing injury?

A ball in the mouth

Bitter or Lager?

I’m not fussy

Umpiring or Scoring?

Umpiring - I really don’t enjoy scoring a lot

If you are batting and you are close to reaching 50, do you prefer to know?

Not fifty so much – 100 – yes (not that it happens much!)

Have you ever kept wicket and if so, were you any good?

Yes and no

Have you ever captained a cricket team before?

Nope - I’m about to though (doesn’t bode well does it??)

How many bats have you owned?

About 6 in total - the same as Shaun in one season then!!

Have you ever changed your batting gloves during an innings?

I don’t think I have actually

What is the most sporting thing you have done on the cricket field?

I will walk if I know I’ve nicked the ball and there’s an appeal

If you were asked to captain an Invitation XI against Chingford during cricket week, who would you pick? 

Anyone I wish?? – If so; D. Carver, P. Carver, (my dad), B. Lara, D. Gower, V. Richards, I.T Botham, W. Akram, Jack Russell, S. Warne, M. Hughes, G. McGrath. (Good luck to Chingford!!)

What targets and goals have you set yourself for this season? 

Learn the art of captaincy and win the respect of my players – from there, promotion would be good!!

What was the occasion when you went to see your first professional cricket match?

I went to see MCC vs the Rest of the World – bi-centennial (I believe) – Marshall (God rest his soul) bowled the quickest over I’ve ever seen at Gavaskar, who played and missed five – out on the sixth delivery. He even nodded at Marshall afterwards in admiration!!

What is your main cricketing ambition?

I want to become a decent captain - a few more tons would be good as well

Do you consider yourself as an Essex CCC supporter?

Yes – but not avid.

Thank you Dan.

Richard MacGregor

 Richard MacGregor

Richard was interviewed in March 2005 prior to his 3rd season as 2nd XI captain.

When did you first play for Chingford?

Towards the start of the 1977 Season. However, I gave up playing outdoors c.1988 (I still played indoor cricket until c.1992) when I was 30 before emerging from retirement in 2000.

What is your earliest memory of playing for Chingford?

Same as the answer to the question above (my memory is not as bad as to forget things in between questions!) – However, my first game for Chingford was for the 2nd XI away to Colchester at Castle Park. The side was captained by Buddy Jessop and we drew. I gave my new team mates every reason to expect glorious deeds from me in the years to come by getting out for 0 (some things never change) and taking 0 for c.30. I also somehow managed to split my trousers (and in those days I was slim!). [Ed. - I'm sure Dan would feel it is better to split them than to lose them]

What made you take up cricket in the first place?

I can’t specifically remember. It just seems to have always been part of my life. My father was a cricketer as was my elder brother. My earliest memories are of playing cricket in the back garden for hours on end with my elder brother, which is probably why I became a bowler as I seldom got him out and when I did it wasn’t long before he was batting again.

Which cricketer was your childhood hero?

Initially it was Geoff Boycott. Not because I wished to bat in a similar style (and as is pretty obvious I do not) but because I enjoyed watching a team I supported (i.e. England) piling on runs and not giving their wickets away. It is very much the same nowadays….pick 10 better batsmen than me, win the toss (unfortunately the flaw in this logic), bat first and watch them score 250 and then I’ve got plenty to bowl with.

Have you ever played against a famous cricketer?

Yes, Richard Alston. This honour fell to me only last season when I played for Chingford against the Bumblebees in Cricket Week. Other lesser known celebrities that I have played against include Nasser Hussein (who I managed to bowl behind his legs).

Have you ever got any fellow Chingford player out in a match?

Apart from running out a team mate (which I have probably done at some time) and not counting the innumerable times that I have destroyed the confidence of our batsmen in the nets the only one that I can remember is Carey Harborne when he was playing for Chinghoppers a couple of years ago.

What would you consider to be your best stroke?

Anything on the off side as this tends to catch the fielding side compeletly unawares.

What is the most embarrassing cricket incident that has happened to you?

In my last year of school when I was playing against Clifton College - I dropped an absolute sitter off a batsman who was on 0 and of course he went on to get a 100. He was finally out when I took a steepling catch over my shoulder running back at mid-off! However, the potential to better this level of embarrassment is there every time I walk onto the field. The other incident worth mentioning, although not directly involving me, was in a 2nd XI game three years ago at Ongar. We batted first and put up a big score with Billy Rhone in particular flailing the bowling. Shortly before we declared Paul Hart went on as a substitute fielder. Darren Ross was close to his century (98 I think) when he lobbed up the simplest catch imaginable to Paul (easier even than the one I dropped above and one an under 11 colt would be expected to catch) who dropped it. Worse was the fact that Paul barely laid a hand on the ball and in so doing appeared to have deliberately dropped the chance. Next ball Darren completed his hundred. The opposition were unimpressed.

What was your best ever batting performance?

119 not out in 69 balls for the Sunday Bs two years ago in a Chess Valley League fixture. [Ed. - I remember that innings, you wouldn't let me have the strike, you sod.]

What was your best ever bowling performance?

8 for 32 for the 2nd XI away at Brentwood in the early 1980s. Although, as far as I am concerned, this has got to be run pretty close by my analysis for the Sunday Bs two years ago in a Chess Valley League fixture….10 overs, 9 maidens, 1 wicket for 2 runs (and it must be pointed out that the 2 runs was an edge through slip).

Who is the Chingford cricketer you most admire or respect?

None, they are all reprobates. If they weren’t I wouldn’t have joined the club in the first place.

If you were forced to leave Chingford CC and join another club, is there any club you would not play for?

At this stage of my playing career I can’t see myself ever playing on a regular basis for any other club. However, I would never contemplate joining Wanstead, Ilford or Hainault and Clayhall.

Have you ever remonstrated with Mark Lawrence after being dismissed at Chingford?

Not that I am aware. I can’t really complain as I normally benefit when I bowl from the less than steep bounce of the track after cricket week.

What is best, 50 runs or 5 wickets?

5 wickets.

Which would you prefer, England winning the Ashes this Summer or the next Soccer World Cup?

The Ashes.

What awards or trophies have you won playing cricket?

Under 13 Colts National Competition – won the Gloucestershire county section before being beaten in the national quarter-finals. Indoor League with Chingford (late 1980s/early 1990s I think). 2nd XI Division 3 Championship with Chingford three years ago.

Have you ever bought a jug at Chingford after a good performance?

Unfortunately I not only have to do this after my good performances but also Ben’s! [Ed. - Can you be my Dad too]

What has been your most serious cricketing injury?

Broken hand (@ age 14)

Badly pulled hamstring (in my 20s)

Various fractured fingers (throughout my playing career)

The rest of my body (now) [Ed. - one would have done Richard]

Bitter or Lager?


Umpiring or Scoring?


How many bats have you owned?

In senior cricket 5 of which I currently own/use 3. The only way I know of feeling like a proper batsman.

Have you ever changed your batting gloves during an innings?

Don’t be silly! [Ed. - Billy Rhone please take note]

What is the most sporting thing you have done on the cricket field?

I will always walk if I know that I am out.

What targets and goals have you set yourself for this season?

To win the Saturday 2nd XI division that we are playing in.

What was the occasion when you went to see your first professional cricket match?

It was one of the following which were (I think) in 1970: England v The Rest of the World, Test Match @ The Oval or Yorkshire v Lancashire, 40 over game @ Tewkesbury [Ed. - What were they doing playing in Gloucestershire?]

What is your main cricketing ambition?

To watch my three youngest children (Ben, Beth and Andrew) enjoy and do well at their cricket and play for Chingford at senior level. Other than that it is to restore Chingford to 2nd XI division 1. Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Manning the bench on match days with the likes of Alston, Woodland, the Harts etc and imparting much needed advice to the next generation of Chingford cricketers.

Do you consider yourself as an Essex CCC supporter?

Only to the extent that we play Cricket in the Essex League.

Do you think you let Darren Ross get away with too much on the cricket field?

Possibly but he is such a quiet and uncompetitive soul that it might damage his self confidence if one was too harsh with him. In addition I have to pick him so that there is at least one other player in the side slower and less graceful than me. It also provides me with some degree of amusement to watch him beg me to put him on to bowl.

When I was keeping well and scoring lots of runs, you never pick me for the 2nds. Yet when I am struggling with my form and the 2nds are playing the top side in the league, you ask me to open the batting; I get out cheaply and then you drop me. Where is the fairness in that?

Life’s a bitch ain’t it?

Mark Campbell decided to drop down to the 4th team so that he could play in the same side as Adam. When can we expect you to follow suit to enable you to play in the same side as Beth?

Depending on form it could be half way through the coming season!

Which would you prefer to watch at Chingford, Ben getting a 100 or Beth getting a 50?

I can’t choose between my children. But since I have already had the pleasure of seeing Ben score a 100 it would be nice to see Beth score 50. [Ed. - So Ben, it seems you are yesterday's favourite child]

Thank you Richard.

Stephen Thorne

Stephen was interviewed in April 2005. He had just attended Cricket Idol at Lord's.

When did you first play for Chingford?


When I was about 14 in the 4th XI for Patrick Harrington (?) and then went onto play for Michael Blake in the Bs.

What made you take up cricket in the first place?

I went to infant school with Peter & Paul Shawyer (Doug Insole’s grandsons) and got involved playing cricket at the end of infant school with Peter & Paul.

Which cricketer was your childhood hero?

I didn’t really have one!

Have you ever played against a famous cricketer?

Mike Gatting, Mohammed Akram, Robin Hobbs.

Have you ever got any fellow Chingford player out in a match?

Alfie Taylor, Carl Little & most importantly Carey Harborne.

What would you consider to be your best stroke?

Straight driving. Others would say the leave or forward defensive.

What is the most embarrassing cricket incident that has happened to you?

There have been plenty of them. Too many to name.

When it cam to embarrassment, Carver and MacGregor have given us trousers, is there nothing you can tell us about your trousers?

Nothing embarrassing, more outrageous.

What was your best ever batting performance?

My best ever batting performance was 54 not out against Chelmsford, we were 30 for 5, Fletcher (81*) and myself put on 155 for the 6th wicket.

What was your best ever bowling performance?

An 18 over bowling spell finishing with figures of 5 for 30. Also, 5 for 18 against Bumble Bees, Friday of Cricket Week ’04 included the scalp of Carey Harborne caught at first slip by Richard MacGregor for the fifth wicket.

Who is the Chingford cricketer you most admire or respect?

Jamie Hill & Shaun McMurray

If you were forced to leave Chingford CC and join another club, is there any club you would not play for?


Have you ever remonstrated with Mark Lawrence after being dismissed at Chingford?

Every time I get out!

What is best, 50 runs or 5 wickets?

50 runs.

Which would you prefer, England winning the Ashes this Summer or the next Soccer World Cup?

England winning the Ashes.

What awards or trophies have you won playing cricket?

Performance of the Season 2000. Twice Young Clubman of the Year.

Have you ever bought a jug at Chingford after a good performance?

Yes, I was 17 when I bought my first.

What has been your most serious cricketing injury?

I don’t know what I did and still don’t to my hamstring when I was running between the wickets in a Cricket Week Match last season.

Bitter or Lager?


Umpiring or Scoring?

I’m not fussed, I can do both, I prefer scoring over umpiring, but can be a reasonable umpire (ask Ian Fullbrook).

If you are batting and you are close to reaching 50, do you prefer to know?

I usually count, I prefer to not know now.

Have you ever kept wicket and if so, were you any good?

I started off as a keeper when I first started but I am doing it here and there when I am required. I’m not the best, but I can do the job.

Have you ever captained a cricket team?

Yes, the 3rd XI for two years, 2002-03 & different occasion in the 2004 season. I hated it.

After retiring from the captaincy at the end of that season, you said never again. So why are you now captaining the Sunday Bs?

[Steve was silent on this matter].

How many bats have you owned?

I’m on my third Warsop bat, I had a Slazenger before that and two Duncan Fearnleys. That makes 6.

Have you ever changed your batting gloves during an innings?


Billy Rhone does it you know, do you think you might give it a try this season?

No, I only own one pair of gloves.

What is the most sporting thing you have done on the cricket field?

Never done anything like that.

If you were asked to captain an Invitation XI against Chingford during cricket week, who would you pick?

Stephen Thorne (Captain), Jack Russell (Wicketkeeper), Sachin Tendulkar, Marcus Trescothick, Andrew Strauss, Andrew Flintoff, Steve Harmison, Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, Brian Lara & Jacque Kallis.

What targets and goals have you set yourself for this season?

To score my first century, as well as playing regularly for the 2nd XI. Also, going far in this new cup competition Michael has organised as captain and maintain Premiership status.

What was the occasion when you went to see your first professional cricket match?

There was no occasion. I went to see Essex versus Nottinghamshire at Ilford with a friend and his dad.

What is your best bowling analysis?

5 for 21 against Hadleigh & Thundersley, Aug 2000.

What is your highest batting score?

63 not out against Hadleigh & Thundersley, Aug 2000.

Do you consider yourself as an Essex CCC supporter?


Finally, Steve, I can't let you off without asking you about Cricket Idol. How did you hear about this?

On the Monday prior to Cricket Idol, my girlfriend's mum heard something about this on the radio that morning. My girlfriend checked it out on the Internet at work and informed me about this and e-mailed me all the details she found. I then distributed these to yourself and you forwarded onto everyone else. I said that I would go as I had the day off work and that I would get David Joslin to accompany me. My girlfriend filled out the necessary paperwork and e-mailed it to them."

What did you think of the day at Lord's?

It was very enjoyable, especially getting an ex-county player out (David Joslin and I still do not know who it is). Also, I enjoyed watching Chris Lewis smashing several leg spinners back past them at hundred miles an hour.

It is called Cricket Idol, in what way was it like Pop Idol?

The X-Factor!

Did anyone ask you to sing?


Do you expect to hear anything more?

We'll just have to wait and see. Watch this space. 

Thank you Stephen.


Ian Fulbrook

Ian is an Essex League Panel umpire who also umpires on Sundays usually with Chingford A team. 

The first question I must ask you is where did you get the nickname Fingers from, was it something your mother came up with?

No, it was a player at a former club who reckoned (I don't know why) I gave a lot of batsmen out.

Some umpires are regarded as either 'outers' or 'not outers'. Which would you say you were?

Neither really, some players regard me as both, so I can't win either way.

Every umpire says they give it as they see it, how do you think your umpiring colleagues would describe you, an 'outer' or 'not outer'?

Similar to last question, to be honest.

Amongst the players, I think you have a reputation as a 'not outer'. On that subject how many batters have you given out so far this season?

That's a difficult one. Hmm, I think it is one so far.

Who was that batsman?

I can't remember. I suffer from temporary amnesia.

Looking back over that decision are you prepared to admit that you may have got that decision wrong and that I should have been allowed to continue batting?

No that my memory has returned, No and No. If someone swishes across the line at a straight full toss, there is not a lot I can do.

Can you remember the matches when you gave out lots of batsmen?

Yes. 2 or 3 years ago, Division 3 1st XI, Southend v Ongar. Six LBWs (3 for each side) My colleague stood there like a waxwork while 'finger' had more shooting practice than Clint Eastwood. Rarely give 6 LBWs in a season. My index finger needed to be put in ice afterwards.

So you got a 6 for? Did you buy a jug in the bar afterwards?

No, never bought one.

Tell us about some of the more enjoyable or notable decisions you have had to make as an Umpire? Have you ever given out anyone famous?

I don't enjoy giving batsmen out, although some Chingford players might well disagree. I have umpired many famous players, eg Mike Gatting, Mark Ilott, James Foster etc but never, from recollection, given them out.

We have a way at Chingford of marking our appreciation of players; best match performance, most runs, most wickets, young clubman etc Past Chingford players like Bunny Swinfen have donated trophies which are awarded each year. Do you think it would be a good idea for Chingford to award a trophy to 'The Best Umpire' ? If so on what basis should such a trophy be awarded? e.g. most Victims?

What a good idea. There wouldn't be much competition. A trophy would be awarded for the most victims and the ability to upset as many people as possible.

Would you be willing to sponsor such a trophy - 'The Ian Fulbrook Trophy'

Tell you what, there should be an index finger on a plynth to commemorate my achievements. The Fingers Trophy.

Tell us about your exploits as a player. When did you start playing and what made you give up playing?

Never played the game very much and when I did, rather uselessly. My father introduced me to the game when I was young. I progressed from being a scorer to an umpire around 1987. Considering my lack of playing experience, I think I've done well in a game I enjoy.

For the record, what are your best batting and best bowling stats?

I got a 0 in 4 balls once, and the bowling I'd rather not say.

So when did you first start umpiring for the club and who were some of the Chingford players at the time that you most admired?

Round about 1996-7. Richard Alston, James Hill, James Runciman etc. It was and still is a club that maintains a high level of enjoyment and good sportsmanship. It is an excellent example to other clubs, definitely.

You have acquired a widely used nickname in Fingers. What other nicknames do you have?

Trigger, Trig, and some others that are not suitable for family consumption.

What do you think about some of the umpires on the International Panel?

Generally very good. Simon Taufel from Australia is outstanding, with very good judgement and a calm temperament. The same goes for Pakistan's Aleem Dar. Steve Bucknor is on the way down. He seems to have got very blaze and arrogant. The standard is good but it is not a job I'd like to do with the non-stop scrutiny.

Is there any player at Chingford who you think would make a good umpire?

Stephen Thorne is a good decision maker, who is keen on umpiring when he plays. Not sure about others in the club. Players criticise me when I make a decision. That's why I like to see them umpiring so I can criticise them! (Only joking chaps)

Thanks Fingers. 

Billy Rhone


So Rhoneoceros, when did you first play for Chingford?

I must have been about 12 or 13. When Ben MacGregor skippered me in a colts match. I think He was about 5 or 6years old at the time.

What is your earliest memory of playing for Chingford?

Again playing under MacGregor. Batting 9 and not bowling!

What made you take up cricket in the first place?

I played every sport at school, and I suppose I just took to cricket the most.

Which cricketer was your childhood hero?

Graham Thorpe, Richard Alston

Have you ever played against a famous cricketer?

Joey Benjamin, Ata ur Rehman, Mohammed Akram, Graham Napier, Ravinder Bopara

Have you ever got any fellow Chingford player out in a match?

Not that I can remember, they're all to scared to face my pace!

What would you consider to be your best stroke?

Pull and hook shoot, anything off my legs.

What is the most embarrassing cricket incident that has happened to you?

I can't think of any off the top of my head, every time I get 0. Not often though!

What was your best ever batting performance?

133* against Onger for the 2's, or 85 for Waltham Forest District against Essex under 17s. I was 15 at the time.

What was your best ever bowling performance?

4 for 55 against the Asian Cricket Club during cricket week, about 5 years ago.

Who is the Chingford cricketer you most admire or respect?

The legend that is Richard Alston of course.

If you were forced to leave Chingford CC and join another club, is there any club you would not play for?

Walthamstow, Ilford, and Waltham or that team we played on Monday, Waltham Central

Have you ever remonstrated with Mark Lawrence after being dismissed at Chingford?

If I do then I'm only joking Loggs. If your reading then your still a c**t.

What is best, 50 runs or 5 wickets?

100 runs

Which would you prefer, England winning the Ashes this Summer or the next Soccer World Cup?


What awards or trophies have you won playing cricket?

Terry Denahey trophy 1998. Jack Watson batting trophy 2003.

Have you ever bought a jug at Chingford after a good performance?

Of course, not lately though.

What has been your most serious cricketing injury?

A stress fracture to my shoulder. Ruined my bowling career

Bitter or Lager?

Lager all the way! Bitter if I'm drunk

Umpiring or Scoring?


Blondes or Brunettes?

Brunettes. Not fussed though

If you are batting and you are close to reaching 50, do you prefer to know?


You were a wicket keeper and occasionally still wear the big gloves, what made you take up keeping?

I was goalkeeper for my football team and school

You captained the Sunday As in 2003, what was that like?

Stressful at times, I would still do it again.

How many bats have you owned?

Bloody hell Peters, I don't know about 7, 8.

Have you ever changed your batting gloves during an innings?

Yes, a few times.

Exactly how many pairs of batting gloves do you own?


What is the most sporting thing you have done on the cricket field?

Shaking hands with the opposition. Also, I once bought an Asian team a jug of lemonade and lime when I was the opposing skipper

What targets and goals have you set yourself for this season?

To score a double hundred. Failing that then to score a big hundred. Old Victorians watch out!

What was the occasion when you went to see your first professional cricket match?

Surrey v Glamorgan, can't remember the date.

What is your main cricketing ambition?

To enjoy playing and to keep scoring runs.

What is your best bowling analysis?


What is your highest batting score?


Do you consider yourself an Essex CCC supporter?

Not a die hard.

You may not be the Hair Technician to the Stars, but which club members have you been a personal stylist to?

Shaun McMurray, Loggs, The whole MacGregor family. Dan Carver, Matthew O'Sullivan.

If you had to choose a fellow club member to cut your hair, who would you choose and why?

Ron Lynch, I want his haircut.

In professional Twenty-20 matches batsman are accompanied to the crease with their favourite piece of Music. What tune would you choose?

Good question Peters. Just wait and see!

Who came up with the idea for the Twent20 match, Matt O'Sullivan or yourself?

I think we both did, we were in a pub talking about ways to raise money for the club.

Last question Rhino, many club members have commented that the sight screens are in need of repair or need replacing. Do you feel up to the job?

Very good Peters! I was talking to a few members myself and we were saying that your hair peace needs changing. It's beginning to resemble a dead squirrel. I'm here to help Peters!

Thanks mate, I'll let you know.

Mike Lyon

Mike was interviewed in June 2005 after the first week of the Australian tour during which Ponting's men lost 4 times.

When did you first play for Chingford?

Summer of 2003

What made you take up cricket in the first place?

Always loved it

Which cricketer was your childhood hero?

Never had a hero until Mark Waugh, though I did like Dean Jones and Allan Border

Have you ever played against a famous cricketer?

Nope. Chris Drum?

Have you ever got any fellow Chingford player out in a match?


What would you consider to be your best stroke?

Pull shot, but you never get to play it over here.

What is the most embarrassing cricket incident that has happened to you?

Walking out to bat without gloves

What was your best ever batting performance?

105 in a friendly

What was your best ever bowling performance?

5 / 6 off 5.1 overs vs Horndon last year

Who is the Chingford cricketer you most admire or respect?

Richard Alston for his record, and his ability to retell stories related to it.

Have you ever remonstrated with Mark Lawrence after being dismissed at Chingford?

No, actually I think he does a cracking job.

What is best, 50 runs or 5 wickets?

5 wickets

Which would you prefer, Australia winning the Ashes this Summer or Chingford 2nds winning promotion?

Hmmmm….tough call that…I think I’ll take both

What awards or trophies have you won playing cricket?

Won 2nds player of the season, and the performance of the season trophy last year.

Have you ever bought a jug at Chingford after a good performance?

Yep, every time I get 50.

What has been your most serious cricketing injury?

To my finger and pride last week. Dropped a sitter, bruised a digit badly and out for first ball duck. (horrible decision Derek )

Bitter or Lager?

Both good, depends on temperature. Lager on a hot day for sure

Umpiring or Scoring?

Umpiring. I hate scoring

Marmite or Vegemite?

Marmite…first step on the road to becoming an Englishman?

If you are batting and you are close to reaching 50, do you prefer to know?

Yeh, I think so.

Have you ever kept wicket and if so, were you any good?

Yes, absolute crap

Have you ever captained a cricket team?


How many bats have you owned?

In my life? probably 7

Have you ever changed your batting gloves during an innings?


What is the most sporting thing you have done on the cricket field?

I think I said nice shot once, but it was a friendly.

What was the occasion when you went to see your first professional cricket match?

Sheffield Shield, Queensland vs WA at the Gabba.

What is your main cricketing ambition?

To win a league and learn to cover drive.

So Lyno, you were born in Australia yet you live in this country, so what exactly is wrong with living in Australia?

I think you build strength of character through adversity…so I will stay in English conditions a while longer.

Some people are fascinated by your batting technique. Did you play a lot of French cricket as a child?

A little bit. But my technique, or lack of it, is based on wanting to crossbat the ball as much as possible, which is probably because tennis was my first sport.

What is it like being Chingford's current token Aussie?

An honour and privelege…but don’t expect to see much of me if we lose the ashes

If someone said to you that you were a ‘Typical Aussie’, would you take that as a compliment or an insult?

A compliment. You guys love us, it’s crazy. If you can win the ashes maybe the worship will stop.

Botham at Headingly in 1981, that was a good match wasn’t it?

As I was 7 at the time….I am glad you still have your memories.

What do you think was the best bit when England beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup final?

Seeing England actually win something. And our wanker PM’s grudging after-game presentation

This Twenty20 International cricket is good, so why are the Aussies crap at it?

How many 40s are there in 450?

So what do you think the result of the Ashes series will be?

2-2...but I give you a chance if Henman can win Wimbledon.

Thanks Lyno.... have a good Summer. 

Myles Joyce

Myles Joyce

Myles returned to the club in 2005 after a few years away. He was interviewed in August 2005.

When did you first play for Chingford?


When did you leave and why?


How different is cricket in Ireland?


Since you have been back at Chingford, what changes at the club have you noticed?


How pleased have you been with your performances so far this season?


What are the best and worst things about Chingford CC?


Would you tell us about the big scores you have made with the bat?


You have captained sides in the past, how did that go?


I heard that you bowl occasionally, usually only when you are the skipper. Would you tell us about your expolits with the ball?


What cricketing heroes have you had since childhood?


If there was anything at the club that you would like to see changed, what would that be?


Thanks Myles.

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris Member profile

Ryan’s interview, conducted in October 2005, took place not long after he first set foot in Australia to spend a winter playing down under.

Ryan, can you tell us what you are doing in Australia?

Well I’m playing cricket for a side in the town I’m staying in and also playing for an under 23s side on a Sunday. The under 23s cricket is a good standard, testing stuff! I’m also working for the people I’m living with; they own a tyre fitting company. It’s good as it’s the first job I’ve ever had where the people I’m working with will gladly spend all day talking about cricket rather than do work!!

What are the main differences in the playing conditions you have come across?

Well so far not a lot because the weather has been really up and down, nearly English conditions! But the grounds drain so much quicker over here, not like that thing Logsy calls a wicket!!

Are there any differences in the attitudes of the people you are playing with?

The attitudes are pretty similar over here, they basically enjoy their cricket, hate getting out, especially as sometimes you won’t bat again for at least 2 weeks and always end up in the bar!!

When people find out that you are a Pom what are some of the main reactions you get?

Where I’m staying the reactions are generally positive, but when you go out there to bat and take your guard and they hear the accent the quick bowlers are straight back on!

Do you come across any other Brit cricketers?

Haven’t come across any other Brit cricketers as of yet, but I’m told there are a few in the competition and also with the under 23s side, so it should be good to meet up with them and see where they play over in England.

Is there any difference in the cricket balls you use?

The cricket balls we use in first grade are four piece but with a much flatter wider seam, basically cutting your fingers when you bowl! All the other grades use 2 piece balls! I wouldn’t mind using one myself, they swing a lot more!

What improvements to your game have you noticed so far?

Well we have only played two games so far but I’m definitely bowling a much better length; they are planted on the back foot over here so you basically have to pitch it up! Also I’m finally getting on top of the pull shot!

What is your best score with the bat in Oz?

Well I have only batted the once so far (the under 23s haven’t started playing any matches yet, just training) and ended up getting one, caught at cover! The longest 1 of my live! I was there for an age and when they brought a spinner on that was that!

What is your best bowling performance in Oz so far?

My best bowling performance was 8 overs, 1 for 12. Also had a catch dropped off my bowling they seem to master catching the near impossible ones but dropping the dollys!

How have you helped develop the cricket of the Aussies at your club?

I have helped a 15 year old off spinner get a bit of an arm ball, listening to Mr.McMurray go on about it for all this time is finally paying off!

Does your Aussie club have a web site?

Unfortunately they don’t have a website, but I’m staying with the club President so maybe I could mention it to him and use ours as an example!

How are they reacting to losing the Ashes?

Well anyone who told me that the Aussies would appreciate England winning the Ashes was talking absolute crap, they call us Whinging Poms but bloody hell you should hear them!! According to everyone out here Australia have now played the World XI both in England and Australia, not regarding Pietersen and G.Jones as English. Also I constantly get asked if I have any of that Vaseline Simon Jones was using!

Harmison and Flintoff seemed to do quite well for the World XI v Oz. Have you seen much of these games and do the Aussies think they are improving or does this just paper over the cracks of an ageing side?

Yeah I watched as much of the World Series as I could and they definitely think that they are improving!! How wrong they are! The World XI didn’t play well at all which made the Aussies look a lot better than they were! All the papers over here are now calling for Michael Clarke’s head and want Shane Watson to bat at number 4. They also want McGill and Warne together for the Test Matches coming up. Fair enough but why try it now when both are coming towards the end of their careers. Last resorts I think!

When can we expect to see you back in Chingford?

I’m back in Chingford at the end of March, so anytime from then onwards, hopefully getting picked for the first match!

Thanks Ryan, see you then.

Paul Shawyer

Paul  Shawyer Member profile

Paul was interviewed in November 2005.

Paul, tells us when and why you took up wicket keeping?

The first time I put on keeping gloves was a school cricket match in '96. Thorney was behind the stumps that day, but during the match he took a fierce knock to his face. I volunteered to be his replacement and I found it to be a position that I enjoyed. However, it wasn’t until '98 that I began keeping on a permanent basis (to hide my failure as a bowler!).

Thorny took a fierce knock to his face? that's funny, I always assumed he was naturally ugly! Have you ever been hit in the face when keeping or for that matter batting?

I have been hit in the face both when keeping and batting but thankfully nothing serious.

When you keep wicket, you often wear a gum shield. When you bat, I have never seen you wear a helmet. Why is this?

I never wore a helmet when I was younger and therefore find it to be uncomfortable to play in. I did wear my helmet on a few occasions last season but try to avoid its use if possible.

Have you played any representative cricket?

A long time ago… I represented Essex and on one occasion Hampshire! I was eleven-years old and I was twelfth man for Essex. On that day our opposition Hampshire were a player short and I played as the replacement!

Have you ever lost your temper on the cricket field and if so, what happened?

I have hit a few people with a cricket bat and got into trouble over my abusive sledging but apart from that there is not much else to report.

I'm not sure how you can sledge while wearing a gum shield. You've been making a big impact with both gloves and bat for the Indoor A team, how much indoor cricket have you played in the past?

My last indoor season was when I was 14 or 15 at Ilford Indoor Cricket School.

You scored over 1,000 runs for Chingford last summer, have you achieved this feat before?

I have managed once before to get over a thousand runs, and that was in 2003. Nonetheless, the thousand runs that I obtained this season were the most enjoyable and pleasing of the two.

Who is the fastest Chingford bowler you have kept to?

In my opinion I would say Lenny, Chuckie or Nick because they are hard to separate, although Angelo is running close behind!

Last summer you kept wicket during cricket week to an opening pace attack of B Rhone and B MacGregor. Which bowler was the fastest?

It was a closely fought contest but Ben was quicker than the ‘Rhone Express’ – in Bill’s defence he was going up a tiny-weenie hill!

What was your personal cricketing highlight from last summer?

There were two personal highlights of last season. The first would be the Evening Standard Cup - I really enjoyed the cup run and will remember the great successes against Bexley, Malden Wanderers and Esher. My second highlight would be gaining promotion with the twos and being champions of that division. In particular I will remember the victories at Benfleet and Horndon on the Hill for personal and team performances.

Richard MacGregor and yourself had the distinction of being the only regular members of two sides last summer that both won league trophies (Sat 2nds and Sunday As) Do you know how many times you took a catch or a stumping off his bowling?

That is interesting, but I wouldn’t have a clue as to how many times that would of happened!

If you want to know I am sure Richard could tell you. He could probably tell you how many chances you missed off his bowling. He always seems to remember my misses. As a club, how does Chingford differ from Woodford Wells?

Chingford, in my opinion is a more close knit club with players at all levels integrating well with one another. I think I am fortunate in that Chingford and Woodford Wells are both great settings to play and watch cricket.

If you had to choose between never batting again in your life or never keeping again, which would you prefer to carry on with?

That is a really difficult question… I would probably prefer to keep rather than bat because there is a guarantee of involvement in the game.

What goals are you setting yourself for this summer?

To score runs, to keep wicket as best as I can and not to get into any trouble!

Thanks Paul. Have a sledge free season.



Andrew Chipchase

Chippy was interviewed in early May 2006, just after his second 100 of the season.

Let's start with an easy question; Which player at the club do you most admire. Robert Runciman perhaps ?

Can't answer that one.  There's no single person I can highlight.  The club is made up of so many different people, each person bringing in their own individual character and skills, whether it be high or low down in the grades or in the organisation, each playing their part in making the club what a great club it is.  Each character is supported by another so if someone does stand out it is due not only to their hard effort but also to the support of others.

You carefully shouldered arms to the Rob Runciman reference. Why not tell us what you think of Rob as a captain?

I'm averaging 82 under him so I can't really complain... You are obviously subtly(?) alluding to the recent selection decision.   Its a hard job being captain and it is not an envious task trying to balance all of the egos.  Nonetheless I did enjoy making Rob's job even harder, which I hope everyone aspires to by playing well.  I have to say I was surprised at being dropped, especially as my bowling I thought was coming right at the end of last season.  But I hadn't been practising and in my book that leads me open to not being selected.  It is also still pre-season friendlies, therefore it is about giving everyone a chance to run around in the sun, getting warmed up, fit and in form, and enjoying it - which is what cricket is about anyway.  For the record Rob did phone me and explain his reasons, which I very much appreciated.  Lastly, I must say I am grateful for the support many people have given me in this matter.

Marc Fletcher suggested that instead of asking questions such as 'who is the Chingford player you most admire', I should ask people 'who is the Chingford player you least admire'. Care to tackle that one?

People like Marc Fletcher should be careful suggesting questions like that as they might find out what people really think about them :)  

So, lets talk about the hundreds, which of the two you have just scored gave you the most satisfaction and why?

The second one I thought was better but the first was my first for Chingford and the first since the penultimate decade of the last millennium, therefore it is the most satisfying.  I also had no expectations on myself as I hadn't thought much about cricket this year before then, it was a nice sunny day and came as a surprise. 

Had you scored any hundreds before these two?

 Two, way back in my tender years.

Thanks to Mike Blake, anyone wanting to look into your career performances at Chingford can inspect the website. However, we don't know of your pre-Chingford exploits. What were your best bowling and batting performances before Chingford?

Yes, its best to keep quiet and let the legend (or story (or fairy tale in my case) ) grow...123 was my previous highest score but I think my best innings was a 66 against a bowling attack made up of Minor Association (one below first class level) players and the best in the league.  We were getting a hiding but we avoided losing by an innings and managed to make them bat again.  For bowling, apart from a 6 fa with a red coloured baseball (as the cricket ball couldn't bounce on the pitch!) against players more used to playing kilikiti, my best bowling figures were 5 for 30 twice, once in New Zealand against the best of Te Awamutu and the other up in Scotland against Kilmarnock.

You are known for being almost unique at Chingford for doing a warm up lap of the pitch before the game. When did you start doing this and why do you do it?

I started it back in New Zealand after a few injuries around 8 years ago.  I stopped when I came over here but as soon as my first hammy went ping at Chingford I resurrected the habit.  I find it good.  Not only does it loosen the muscles and ligaments, it wakes me up from my dopy state and gets me concentrating on the game.  After the game I return to my usual dopy state - or maybe on the field fielding I return to my dopy state - but while I play I am alert like a tiger.

Another quant foible of yours is the stud changes you make to your boots during a match. What's that all about? 

I prefer bowling with a full set of spikes but prefer batting with half spiked shoes (rubbers on the heals) to allow me to move around the crease more easily.  The change is tedious and I curse the four winds every time I do it but being a tight Kiwi watching his penny's I haven't bought another pair of boots - the main though is: why buy batting boots if I am batting down the order?

A couple of seasons ago, you played as a bowler and batted 9,10, Jack. Now you are regarded as a top order bat rather than a bowler. So why has your bowling gone to pieces?

Gone to pieces?! I was top of the second team bowling averages last year.  Admittedly I was average for the 3s but the season before that I did manage to turn the long hop-full toss combo into an devastating weapon.

Which would you prefer, scoring a 50 or taking 5 wickets?

Cricket is about taking 10 (or 20) wickets so wickets are always good but really its just whatever the teams needs on the day.

Have you ever captained a side and is it something you would like to do at Chingford?

Yes and I would like to do it again.  If I am a permanent member of the 3s I would love to offer myself.  However, the temptation of playing 2s cricket in the Ist division, especially after everyones hard effort and slog to get into it, is too much at the moment.

You are in a minority of players at the club who does not play indoor cricket. Why is that?

Too old mate.  I have to prolong my career somehow.

You are also rarely seen on a cricket field on any other day of the week than a Saturday. Why is that?

The world is wide and wonderful. Cricket is just one of the things that I enjoy.

When your playing days are over, do you anticipate staying involved with your club by umpiring or scoring or going off and doing something else with your Saturdays?

I will probably first take a break but I have no doubt that it will draw me back.  It's also given me a lot of the years therefore I would like to put something back.

As a Kiwi, I will not question your national pride and assume that when England play New Zealand at cricket, rugby or whatever, you will be cheering on your home nation. Who do you support when England play Australia?

As a Kiwi, and also a Pom don't you forget, and spending my childhood listening to Bill Laurie, Ian Chappell, Max Walker etc etc and watching the exploits (?) of the likes of Trevor Chappell, Greg Mathews, Craig McDermott, Merv Hughes etc etc, the question is easy to answer.

Thanks Chippy, have a good year.

Robert Runciman

Robert Runciman Member profile

Rob was interviewed in May 2006 at the begining of his first season as 2nd xi captain.

Rob, have you captained a side before? If so, tell us about that experience, if not, is it something that you had always wanted to do?

Yes, I captained the Sunday A's on a few occasions and once in an all day cricket week match against Shaun McMurray’s X1. I remember we had Shaun’s' team on the rack on about 70-5 but I let them off and they ended up getting around 240 which was very generous of me. Then Shaun got this fast West Indian by the name of Devon Weekes to bowl round the wicket at me into my ribs which I had broken six weeks before. That's when I realised I've got to be a lot more ruthless. I think I have always fancied doing the job and it's in the blood. My Dad, Uncle Jeff and cousin James have all been very good captains for the club and cause a few rows. That's what it's all about, great stuff!

What are you realistic expectations of success this season for the 2nd XI?

It all comes down to availability at the end of the day, so if I can get the likes of James Runciman, Richard Alston, Richard MacGregor, Steve Piper, Billy Rhone on that pitch most weeks then we have surely got a chance of another promotion. If Paul Adshead doesn't piss off to Greece half way through May, that would be quite a handy bonus as well, he's a top player. There are so many decent players around the club at the moment and I think the second team will benefit the most from that. Also the players that achieved promotion last year have got the taste for winning and know what it takes.

What have been some of your more notable batting performances? Hundreds?

I've scored quite a few hundreds for the club. The two when I was fourteen in the Extras were the most memorable. The first ton I got against Walthamstow was the first time I had opened the batting in a Senior game. I had been batting 7 for the first half of the season and the skipper (my Dad) asked me if I fancied opening as it was a nice hot day and he thought I was ready. I miss those days, now I only get asked to open the batting is for the first team when it's a wet one or there is a Test bowler down the other end. Haha! I remember Graham Hainsby used to always be the first one to ask me back at the club how I had done, but this time he already knew and he bought me my first ever beer when I walked in. The thing is he then said I had to buy a jug when I finished my drink and he proceeded to drink half of it! I drunk quite a bit of it too and was finished the next day with my first Stella hangover and got a 21 ball nought for the B's at Kenton!

My best innings I think I ever played was for the first team away at Wickford. It was the final game of the season and we needed to win to stay up and hope another result went our way. I was 19 and it was one of my early games. They posted a score of 219 I think and then we were reduced to 40-4 and it looked all over. I had a couple of good partnerships with Imran Mahmood and Stevie Piper that got us back in it. I ended up being bowled for 75 when we were about 30 short and a very young and slim Billy Rhone almost won it for us but was left high and dry when the tail was bowled out and we lost by about 15 runs. I was almost in tears in the dressing room when I realised I should have won us the game. Billy consoled himself after with a bacon and cheese burger in the middle of Claire's baps back at the club.

What 1st XI cricket have you played?

I've represented the first team every year now since 2000 but I don't think I ever did myself justice on a regular basis and spent most of my time batting in the lower middle order where I scored a few fifties. I enjoyed the season we got promoted from the second division in 2001 and played my part in some close run chases that we managed to pull out the bag. I used to love the cup matches and remember being selected above Richard Alston at the start of the 2002 season which I must admit I was very embarrassed about that but he soon got his place back and we played in the same side together which was great. I got a cracking 32 ball nought over at Ardleigh Green last year which will last in the memory for some as well.

You have been seen batting in a variety of positions but what is your preferred position?

I like all sorts of positions, Adshead taught me quite a few over in Greece sharing a room with him. He reckons the Swedish girls are the best ones to practice with. Apparently they are the most flexible. I Actually don't mind too much to be honest. Obviously the best way to get lots of runs is to open and that’s where I have scored all my tons but I also like being there at the end in a tight run chase and seeing the team home. I think when I open I concentrate on not getting out because I believe that wickets in hand is the key to building an innings for the team and I like having that responsibility. 60-0 off 20 overs in normal conditions is the way forward. International cricket may have changed and become more aggressive but I think in club cricket the old fashioned opener still has a place in the game. I want the openers in my team to set the foundation. James Runci, Sully, Fletch and Chippy are very good at doing that. Sloggers like Piper are best left at number 8. He's the only guy I've ever seen score two over mid off with his bat handle! ( 1st X1 v Hornchurch 2003)

How about your abilities with the ball?

No girls have complained yet and when I put a bit into it and am fully pumped up I can get a little bit of away swing going. I used to be alright and I frequently terrorise people in the nets especially Adshead, he shits himself against me, that’s why you never see him in the nets. Sammy has a few bruises on his inner thigh but to be honest I've struggled for rhythm getting to the crease since I was about 15 and lost my confidence a few years ago and have hardly bowled since. I used to open the bowling for the second team when I was 15-16 and I would love to get out there and get those away swingers going again maybe on a few Sundays because there is no way you will be seeing them in this second team this year. Well I hope not anyway because we would have to be in serious trouble. Probably best left for Saturday nights. Mind you I cleaned some kid out with my first delivery in four years for the club a couple of weeks ago at South Hampstead. I told him where to go as well, gave him the send off. Pure pace and top of the bowling averages Haha!

What embarrassing moments have happened to you on the cricket field?

The 1sts were playing Hornchurch at home in 2003 and they brought with them New Zealand fast bowler Chris Drum who had taken 5-60 against England the previous winter. After listening to Shaun’s team talk at 1.55pm I was asked to open the batting as "The Sacrificial Chicken" with Stevie Piper at 3. Considering we had been 8 and 9 in the previous weeks, I thought this was quite strange. Anyway, I strode out at 2pm and battled away for 45 minutes only to be given out to a shocking lbw decision to Rollins. As I was leaving the pitch, to show my disgust I flung my helmet towards the sight screen but it didn't make it off the pitch and their players and umpires were shouting at me to remove it. I refused being quite embarrassed but Jono Dyers saved me by removing it himself. Piper scored a hideous 45 including the 2 over mid off off his handle but fair play he showed a lot of guts and I admired him for that.

When did you first play for Chingford?

My first game was for the colts as a one off in 93. I was at Woodford Wells and my best mate, a certain Paul Adshead persuaded me to play in this game at Debden for Chinger. We won the game and I got a few wickets and 30 odd not out. My first senior game was the year after away at Buckhurst Hill in a friendly for the 3's. Derek Lacey was skipper. I took two wickets, both caught by Paul Piper at short cover. The rain finished the game at tea but I remember Derek had me down for number 11 behind my Dad which even as a 13 year old I couldn't believe!

Last summer in the Twenty20, Richie Coulson bowled you. Have you got out to any other fellow club members?

Yeah, Richie got me with a cracker. Blakey removed me when I was about 16 in cricket week with this freakish delivery that leapt off a length and I was lobbed it up to gully. I smashed him for about 4 sixes a couple of years later though and ended up with 122. Sully had me caught by John Woodland in an interclub game a few years back but I got about 60 and a young Ben MacGregor cleaned me out in cricket week also a few years back when I made forty odd although that was the first ball he bowled me. I'm used to it now anyway, I'm his bunny in the nets.

Which players at the club do you particularly admire?

Well I remember the first time I watched Richard Alston when I was about five years old. He always had this aura about him at the wicket and is still a century making run machine. Richard MacGregor and my Dad because they are so competitive, love winning and as bowlers they give batsmen nothing to hit. Richie Mac is still doing it now. Michael Blake has made the most of everything he has got. He has taken thousands of wickets in club cricket which is unbelievable and he is one of the best captains I have played for. He always makes you want to play for him and is a good judge of a cricketer. I know myself and Nags thank him for those games when we were youngsters. James Runciman is a fantastic opening batsman. He has the perfect mentality to open the innings and he can give it some later on if need be too. Also a brilliant captain. Adshead and Pipes are two players that never practice but always turn up and either score runs, take wickets, catches, run outs. They always do something.

In recent years, you have only played on Saturdays but already this season you have turned out on Sundays. Are you expecting to play much more Sunday cricket this summer.

I'll try and play a few because I need the practice being that I can't even get in my own top six at the moment. Blakey always looks after me so you will probably see me striding out for the B's on a few occasions.

Have you played indoor cricket before and are you interested in playing next season?

I used to play indoor cricket for The Wells but I never really enjoyed it. It's good for practice in the winter but it's not proper cricket is it? Unless you are like Adshead and you can hit the ball over the bowlers head for six all the time then it's too much hard work.

What other sports do you play and are you any good?

I play football and would say I am definitely a better footballer than a cricketer but playing club cricket is definitely more fun than playing football at my level on bogs in the winter.

What would be your greater wish; England winning the soccer world cup this summer or the Ashes in Australia this winter?

I would rather have seen West Ham win the FA Cup than any of those by a mile but it wasn't to be. The Ashes in Australia would be very special but to be honest the pinnacle of sport is undoubtedly the football World Cup especially when half the England team was produced by The Hammers.

Thanks Rob.

Plastic Bottle


Interviewed shortly after Plastic Bottle won the Player of the Week award on 14th May 2006 after it's fielding performance for Chingford 4ths at West Essex.

First of all Plastic Bottle, I would like to congratulate you on winning the Player of the Week award following your debut for Chingford, the first player ever to do this on debut.

Thanks Graem. I was just grateful for the opportunity to prove what inanimate objects can achieve on the cricket field.

If I may say Mr Bottle...

Call me Plastic.

Okay Plastic. If I may say Plastic, it was a remarkable debut, particularly given that you were not even selected to play that day. How did the situation arise?

Well, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time; John Woodland, who was selected to play had not arrived when the match was due to start. Mark Campbell approached me hesitantly and I was happy to oblige him. I think there had been some discussion about getting David Joslin to sub-field but apparently a number of the other players didn't want to share the field with rubbish.

What was it like taking the field with the Chingford 4th XI?

I was a bit nervous and worried that compared with the other players, I would appear a bit static in the field. However, Carey Harborne, Mike Blake and Roy Williams in particular made me feel at home.

I understand you were pressed into action early in the game?

Yes, I offered to field in John Woodland's specialist position, but apparently he doesn't have one. So instead I wandered off to the boundary hoping that no one would notice me, which I take it is what Mr Woodland normally does. Then much to my surprise, during the first over the batsman hit the ball towards me. I could sense it was going for four, so I got down on my side and managed to stop it. It was just instinctive.

When John Woodland arrived your game was over. How did that feel?

I was more than happy to continue, but some of the 4th XI felt that John Woodland might do a better job in the field than me. I accepted my fate as he after all had been the player originally selected and he went on later to score a few runs so I can't complain.

After your fielding performance, many were arguing that you should be selected automatically for the next 4th team game. How did it feel to be overlooked by the selectors?

Well Graem I was gutted. I thought I had fitted in well with the 4th team and I was looking forward to the opportunity of getting onto the outfield at the Peter May Centre.

How did Mark Campbell break the news to you?

He told me that he was happy with my fielding but that he needed players who could bat or bowl rather than just field.

What hopes do you have for the rest of this season?

Well, I recognise my limitations but I shall be working on my fielding so that I am ready for a recall.

Do you expect to play again?

Yes, but not for the 4th team. I am starting a vigorous training regime and am setting my sights on turning out for the 3rd XI.

You think you have a chance of appearing with the 3rd team?

Yes, they have a fixture at West Essex on July 15th. I think I deserve another chance. I also think that skippers should pick players who can perform well at specific venues. I know the West Essex type conditions better than anyone else at Chingford, with the exception of Roy Williams of course. Rest assured, the career of Plastic Bottle is far from over.

Thanks Plastic, have a good season.

Matt O'Sullivan

Matt was interviewed in June 2006. 

Well Sullers, your team took a bit of a pasting from Sighters boys in the Twenty20 match last year. What plans have you up your sleeve to get your revenge?

First of all I have recruited last years run machine Niraj to hopefully add strength to my batting line up. Without any Runcimans playing this year my side should get off to a better start! Although Billy’s side does have an awesome opening bowling pair of Lenny and Maccy! I have a wealth of spinners in my side, so Logsy has prepared a turning track and they should come into their own!

In December, O'Sullivan's Outlaws beat the Rhinos in the Chingford Indoor Challenge. How important a win was that?

To be honest Rhone always seems to come out on top when we captain opposing sides, so to get a win was nice, however each game is different and the rivalry will be fierce when the game begins on Friday. I know Rhone is feeling the heat now so we will see how he handles it!

Last season, you started out as a top order bat in the 1st XI before dropping down to the 2nd XI. How did the change affect you?

Well I wouldn’t say I was a top order bat, more like a proverbial lamb to the slaughter…when a couple of test bowlers turn up send in O’Sullivan…but apart from that I was down at 7 or 8. Dropping down was good because it meant I got a bat every week and I’ve been batting quite well in the two’s this year.

During the winter you played a lot of indoor cricket, and you played it well if I might add. Has indoor cricket helped you at all with your outdoor game?

Indoor and outdoor cricket are completely different, especially as an opening bat. In indoor cricket you need to score straight away whereas outdoors you can play yourself in a little longer and see off the new ball. However, after a good indoor season, I feel confident in my batting and this probably has helped with my outdoor game! Batting with Peters does no one any good though!

Most weekend's you travel back from University to play here. What opportunities do you have to practice or play down there during the week?

None. Too busy writing essay’s and sitting exams I’m afraid. As well as the very occasional snakebite!

I was impressed that you travelled back from Southampton to play indoor cricket each Saturday. Then someone said you came back to play football as well. Are you any good at that?

I’m probably a better footballer than cricketer. I have just managed to get into the league representative team. That’s a fairly good standard and I may be captaining the first team at my football club next year.

Which would you prefer to happen; England beating Australia in the Ashes at the end of the year or England winning the Soccer World Cup this Summer?

Both to be honest.

You usually open the batting, but what is your preferred batting position and why?

I like opening the batting because I think I can play myself in before accelerating towards the end of my innings. However, I have batted at 7 and 8 twice this season and have scored a 50 and 100, so maybe I should start batting there again!

What have been some of your more notable career batting performances?

A couple of years ago I scored 146 not out at St Albans which was special. After quite a lucky start I then began to bash it around everywhere with ease which is always a nice feeling. My first ever hundred sticks in my mind. It was about 4 or 5 years ago in the first league game for the seconds. Alston and I opened the batting and we put on about 180. Obviously I did the majority of the scoring! Also Paul Canham often reminds me (when he is well lubricated) of my second hundred that year in the B’s against Walthamstow. I made 115 that day!

You are regarded as an occasional bowler. Were you more of a bowler in your youth?

I started mens cricket as a leg spinner and have actually taken a first team league wicket for Jamie Hill at Chelmsford. Many thanks must go to Blakely for always letting me turn my arm over in the 3’s and B’s from a very young age.

What have been some of your more impressive bowling displays?

There aren’t that many and I can’t actually remember. I have a noticed a 5-18 on the website but I can’t remember that far back.

I've seen you bowl your leg spin outdoors but when you bowl indoors it is your seamers. Can't you make up your mind or something?

No I can’t actually. I do enjoy bowling leg spin but you need to practice to get it right and during the indoor season I wasn’t able to do that practice so I stuck with the seamers. After a few indoor nets the leggies were coming out nicely so I have bowled only the four overs outside this season.

Thanks Sullers.