A Brief History of Chingford Lawn Tennis Club

Written in 1934

Although the Chingford Cricket Club was founded as far back as 1884, it was not until 1919 that the tennis section was started.

The club’s jubilee is being celebrated this year. And members of both the cricket and tennis sections have contributed to purchase a new club flag which now flies proudly over the pavilion. That the club is of good standing is readily proved by the fact that the Rt Hon Winston Churchill MP is their president.

The tennis club can produce a very useful team, and many matches are enjoyed with neighbouring clubs. Club tournaments are also held and the “Cornish” Challenge Cups for the men’s and ladies singles events always provides keen interest amongst the members.

These cups are incidentally presented by Mr and Mrs A Cornish, who are long standing residents of Chingford, and who were among those who put the tennis club on its feet. Mr Cornish was the first tennis captain and it was largely due to him that the club has progressed so well.

As Mrs G Mercer was the first member to win the ladies singles event on three consecutive occasions, the club presented her with a large silver rose bowl. Last year Mr James Wisbey repeated the feat in the men’s singles and he is now in possession of a miniature trophy

In 1921, the membership stood at 120, and eight grass courts were at the disposal of the members. But as the cricket club developed, the tennis section was forced to forfeit four of their courts, and membership had to be reduced to between sixty and eighty members.

The hard working secretary of this excellent social club is Mr Norman Tyrrell and tennis enthusiasts requiring particulars should write to him at 37 Winchester Road, Highams Park.