Chingford Cricket Club - How Forest Side Once Was

How Forest Side Once Was

This Page shows how Forest Side, its buildings and surrounds have changed over the years.

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1. Aerial View - Chingford v Ilford, 1950 season

The dressing rooms are situated in the white building in front of the stables. The bungalows in Faversham Avenue have just been erected but there is a vacant piece of land in the bottom left hand corner - and no footpath..

2. The Tea Hut (circa 1960)

The Tea Hut was situated midway along the bottom (Faversham Avenue) side of the ground where (not surprisingly) tea would be taken. Players would then return to the white changing rooms in front of the stables (see Picture 1 above) to continue the game.

3. Inside the old bar

The old bar was situated in approximately the same place as the current dressing rooms. Paddy Duffy and Terry Dennehy enjoy a pint of Whitbread Tankard, with Mick Carr the barman. 

4. Aerial View in the 1970s

The new pavilion has now been erected as have the flats in Woodedge Close. In the bottom left hand corner of the ground you can see that a school (The Waltham Forest School) in Faversham Avenue previously adjoined the ground. In the bottom right hand corner the Cricket School has yet to be constructed.