Indoor Nets

Indoor Cricket School and Sports Hall

Our on-site indoor nets provide the perfect facilities for you to improve your technique. 

A notice on the entrance to the Indoor Cricket School bears tribute to those who responded so magnificently to the appeal which raised the necessary capital for the construction in 1980.

The lifelong dream of the late Ted Lord became reality when the undermentioned so generously donated financial and material aid to make it all so  possible to found the Chingford Indoor Cricket School.

Greater London Sports Council
JM Welch
Waltham Forest Sports Council
Truman Ltd
Thorn Lighting Ltd
Patrons and Members of Chingford Cricket Club

The facility was again completely refurbished in 2024. The Club were able to reach the amount required to refurbish the nets thanks to a substantial grant from The Tiger Tree Foundation. This charity supports the Club and its primary aim is to see people of all ages, but primarily children, benefit from their investments. We owe The Tiger Tree Foundation an immense amount of gratitude and please take a look at their work (both here and in India) here:

The two extra wide nets are comprised of a surface as used in a number of professional county clubs and also the Indoor School at Lord's. Situated behind the pavilion, changing facilities are available. The bar is also open some evenings so you can discuss when not to sweep with your colleagues over a pint afterwards.

Available for The Community for Cricket and Other Activities

The nets can be booked by recognised cricket clubs or private individuals who are members of recognised cricket clubs and are potentially available during the following times: 

Some weekday evenings 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am - 9.00 pm (Off-season only)

The charge is £25 an hour for one net. To view the facility, or book sessions, please contact James Hayes on 07980 595725

Additionally for Community Groups, the nets can be taken up and the entire space opened up so that other activities can take place eg exercise classes, walking football, zumba or children's games.

Chingford Senior Club Practice

Commencing in January the Club will run its own private net sessions on Sunday afternoons and evenings, where potential new members are invited to attend.